About Us

The mission of Mohammed Ishaq Parking Enterprises is to be the leader in quality, efficient and cost effective parking and hospitality service responsive to the needs of your guests and vistors.

Our Story

Providing Car Parking Rental Service


Commited to a high level of accountability and dedication to excellent customer service, our corporate team understand your need for safe, reliable and efficient parking and transportation service.

With more than ten years of combined industry experience, Mohammed Ishaq Parking Enterprise leadeship team is equipped with an intimate knowledge of parking management industry trends and Government regulations.

With Us You Will Benefits From  

  • Saving of time
  • High quality parking experience
  • Cost saving on human resources by optimizng the number & quality of staff
  • Protects from dings and scratches from elements or other vehicles.
  • Keeps vehicle away from the temperature extremes.
  • Less likely to have theft or vandalism.
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How to Find Rental Parking Spaces for your Business

How to Find Rental Parking Spaces for your Business

Observing a parking spot for lease for your business can be extreme. There are bunches of moving parts, workers are requesting space now and they would rather not need to walk exceptionally far. In the mean time, it's difficult to come by spare space and accessible...

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I have taken services from M & I Parking. I got lot of benefits as the entire team working as a part of us to serve our clients better. Litterally the best services I have found in the area of parking management.


I searched a lot to get a convinient parking rental service for my project. I finally being so happy as I handed over the duty to M & I Parking. Good support with add on services.

Khalid Ali

Great support! Highly recommended to others as the M & I Parking team are capable of serving with quality and efficient. So they would be your best partner in parking rentals.


I am not sure about the parking rental service at the first time. But, now I am recommending M & I Parking to my connections as they have serving at etreme as they have promised.

Sheik Ahmed



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