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 We are in a mission of developing affordable, high quality parking   facilities for our customers. If you are looking to provide a quality   parking service for your customers, we are the best choice.


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Frequent Questions


What are the services are you offering?

Mohammed Ishaq Parking Enterprises offering the quality, efficient and cost-effective parking and hospitality services along with valet parking and car wash services as add on service.


What are your uniqueness in services?

We offer comprehensive and effective solution including standard engineering practices starting with planning and design upto installation. Optimizing use of space and providing good security features including car park monitoring via CCTV


Where is your service area?

Mohammed Ishaq Parking Enterprises offering quality, efficient and cost-effective parking and hospitality services in United Arab Emirates. We are planning to extend our service area in near future.


What are our benefits of choosing M & I Parking?

You will be benifitted by high quality parking experience with Cost saving on human resources by optimizing the number & quality of staff. Also we are offering good security features including CCTV monitoring that keeps your customer’s vehicle safe and secure.

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