Mohammed Ishaq Car Park Rental and Management L.L.C. offering quality, efficient and cost effective parking and hospitality service. Along with the parking facility services we are offering variety of hospitality services like valet parking, car washing and other hospitality services.

  • Parking Management
  • Valet Parking
  • Car Washing Services
Our Main Services

Parking Management


Garage or lot parking forms a large part of our core business where we truly make a difference when it comes to effectively and efficiently managing your car park.


We offer comprehensive and effective solution including standard engineering practices starting with planning and design upto installation and commissioning of the parking facility but also focuses on optimizing use of space and revenue generation in order to make parking usage as musch self sustainable as possible.


We can employ a range of method to assist with paid parking, including car park monitoring via CCTV, meaning your car park will be safe and secure. Our car parks are all designed with secure pedestrian paths, clear paths, clear signage, good lighting and excellent entry and exit control, to ensure that your customers are always satisfied

Add On Services

Valet Parking


Our trained and professional valets provide front door service with a warm smile, eye contact, and a professional image, going the extra mile with unique and professional experiences that make your guest feel valued. We are stewards of customer loyalty. Positive reviews repeat customers and service that exceeds expectation are consistent and immeasurable benefits to your bottom line.


Valet Parking Service

The valet parking attendant is always the first point of contact for guests and visitors at your facility, and the last point of contact. Our valets warmly welcome guests and visitors and strive to create a five-star experience in very interaction. Our valet attendants are trained to aid and assist your customers and guests with directions to all locations on the property, provide assistance, and create a courteous and professional atmosphere-all while keeping the traffic flow consistent, organized and safe. 


Our valet attendants strive to handle every situation professionally and efficiently, building trust and respect with guests and visitors. Our valets parking service valets are screened and fully trained to make interactions with guests and vehicles at top priority, treating both with care and respect.

Car Wash


Dubai is a place with frequent sandstorms and extremely high tempera-tures. This can have great impact on the appearance of your vehicle. After one sandstorm, your car will look like it has not been washed for days. Even the most high-end model will be easily affected by the accumulated dirt and debris.


Washing the vehicle to restore it to its original condition will take a lot of time and energy. Our company in the parking industry always looking to satisfy and benefit for clients, our company decided to provide car wash for our visitors.

  • Cleaning car in fastest time
  • 50% discount from car wash shop
  • Excellent car cleaning service
  • Monthly sign up payment system


Capital Golden Tower

Capital Golden Tower

Installed System: PMS & PGS

  • Using green energy
  • Ticket Entry Station & Exit station
  • APS (Manual Payment)

Type: Office Tower

Zabeel Park

Zabeel Park

Installed System: PMS & PGS

  • Using green energy
  • Ticket Entry Station & Exit Station
  • APS (Auto-Pay Mechine)

Type: Entertainment Place


I have taken services from M & I Parking. I got lot of benefits as the entire team working as a part of us to serve our clients better. Litterally the best services I have found in the area of parking management.


Great support! Highly recommended to others as the M & I Parking team are capable of serving with quality and efficient. So they would be your best partner in parking rentals.


I searched a lot to get a convinient parking rental service for my project. I finally being so happy as I handed over the duty to M & I Parking. Good support with add on services.

Khalid Ali


Frequent Questions


What are the services are you offering?

Mohammed Ishaq Parking Enterprises offering the quality, efficient and cost-effective parking and hospitality services along with valet parking and car wash services as add on service.


What are your uniqueness in services?

We offer comprehensive and effective solution including standard engineering practices starting with planning and design upto installation. Optimizing use of space and providing good security features including car park monitoring via CCTV


Where is your service area?

Mohammed Ishaq Parking Enterprises offering quality, efficient and cost-effective parking and hospitality services in United Arab Emirates. We are planning to extend our service area in near future.


What are our benefits of choosing M & I Parking?

You will be benifitted by high quality parking experience with Cost saving on human resources by optimizing the number & quality of staff. Also we are offering good security features including CCTV monitoring that keeps your customer’s vehicle safe and secure.



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